2018 Breakthrough Award Winners

To Cross a Blade and Dagger by Chio Zoe - New Release!

A 2018 Breakthrough Novel Awards Finalist, TO CROSS A BLADE AND DAGGER is now available on Amazon and other online book retailers.

As part of it's prize, the cover was designed and the manuscript was formatted by one of our sponsors, Eeva Lancaster of The Book Khaleesi, for free. Publishing support was also extended to the author and 3 months social media marketing.

Let's welcome a new voice in the young adult fantasy genre. 
Congratulations on your release, Chio Zoe!

Crime is her calling and night is her time.

Being a slave without a name or identity, it was easy to accept the looming embrace of an unremarkable death. But after a gang lord pulls her from nothing and gives her a name, Nyx finally has purpose. 

As an eighteen year old hunter, death hound, and criminal prodigy, Nyx thrives in the infamous Bottoms. Now, she must find a way to survive when the fragile peace she has built for herself is threatened as she embarks on a journey to rescue a magic wielder. 

After getting cut in a dark plot she must fight for the ultimate prize. 
To stay alive.

Loran’s Blade is a living legend. Aidan is an eighteen year old boy known to a few. When both are the same person, Aidan must find a way to juggle his identities. Coerced into a life of court, he finds that not everything is as simple as death on a battle field, especially when he discovers secrets hidden down dark corridors in court. When the attention of the king lands him on a dishonorable mission, he must decide where his loyalties lie. 

For to incur the wrath of the king could mean his death.