2018 Breakthrough Award Winners

2018 Breakthrough Novel Awards Winner, Life Happens on the Stairs: Hot New Release in Teen & Young Adult Self Esteem Fiction eBooks

As part of its prize for winning the recently concluded 2018 Breakthrough Novel Awards for Unpublished Books, Amy J. Markstahler's Life Happens on the Stairs was turned over to Eeva Lancaster of The Book Khaleesi for Editing, Cover Design, Formatting and Book Management.

Amy bought out her contract from independent publisher, Black Rose Writing, in order to self-publish her debut novel and allow Eeva Lancaster to manage the book until December of 2018. It has not been easy for this author, but she is not alone in this experience.

But determined authors and good books will prevail. Life Happens on the Stairs, on the first day it was made available for pre-order, joined the Teen & Young Adult Self Esteem Fiction eBook category as the #1 New Release, where The Hunger Games is a #1 Bestseller. 

Any title that launches a pre-order as a hot new release will have a chance at being a bestseller. Why? Amazon will promote it in its newsletters and the exposure is gold. 

We were searching for the next bestseller, and Life Happens on the Stairs fits the bill perfectly. Under the management of The Book Khaleesi, and with the exceptional storytelling skills of this new voice in the young adult fiction genre, Amy J. Markstahler, readers can expect a book that will offer hours of entertainment. A book worth reading.

Our heartfelt congratulations to Amy J. Markstahler! Cheers to your success!

Life Happens on the Stairs
And there's no running when it's your turn...

Winner of the 2018 Breakthrough Novel Awards
3rd Place, Young Adult Romance - 2016 Linda Howard Award of Excellence

Elsie Richardson’s world crumbled when her dad dropped with a seizure at the 4th of July festival. The reality that his brain tumor is back with a vengeance slams the 17-year-old aspiring artist and her family into intense hardship. Her mom needs help to make ends meet, forcing Elsie into adulting overnight. On top of that, Elsie’s caustic, grudge-holding brother is on his way home, and Elsie fears he will only make matters worse. 

Feeling alone and hopeless, Elsie does as she’s told and goes to work with her mom. That’s when she meets Tyler Vaughn, the grandson of her mom’s wealthiest client. 

After he invites her to go jogging at the historical Shiloh National Military Park, Elsie is warned by her mom to stay away from the wealthy, young man. Elsie gets the notice a bit too late, and so she lies about who she’s meeting each morning. 

Over the next few weeks, Tyler becomes her secret solace amidst all the uncertainty she’s facing. But when reality strikes and her private world crashes, she's forced to find her inner strength on her own. 

Amy J. Markstahler's Life Happens on the Stairs will touch your heart in many ways. It's a hopeful story that reminds us of the miracle of love and family, and the possibility of second chances.

If you enjoy realistic fiction with a love story that will give you all the feels, this award-winning debut novel is a must read.


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