2018 Breakthrough Award Winners

The Goal of The 2018 Breakthrough Novel Awards

The Breakthrough Novel Awards is NOT a voting contest which only proves how popular an author is, but a real competition to find the best fiction novel from the entries. Judged by industry experts and fellow writers.

We want to find the diamonds in the rough. The hidden gems.
And let the world know about them.

In the future, we will also hold genre-specific awards to fine-tune our search for the next bestsellers.

Our GOAL is not only to identify... but to empower.
To open up opportunities for the winning author.

What is a badge for if the book is not marketable, undeveloped, and unexposed?
What comes after you win?
Book development and marketing are costly and requires a high level of skill to produce positive results.

When we choose a winner, we will give that novel everything it needs to compete in this highly competitive and heavily saturated industry.

We will rally behind the book and make sure that readers will find it as engaging and entertaining as we did.

You did your best in writing your book.
We'll give you a boost as your reward.

That's what's in store for you if you win this competition.

Best of luck to you. It's time to shine!