2018 Breakthrough Award Winners

Judging Criteria for The Breakthrough Novel Awards

And the search is on for the next bestseller!

What factors determine if a book will sell? If it will resonate with readers? If it can sustain a readership and rise in ranking on Amazon?

What makes a book a possible bestseller?

The Breakthrough Novel Awards, as you know, is not a voting contest. The winning novel will be judged by its own merits. The same will apply to all competitions that will be held in this website in the future.

The panel of judges for this competition is comprised of 8 published fiction authors, 2 editors and 1 publicist.


  • The Opening Hook - Is the Prologue or First Chapter intriguing enough to capture a reader's interest?
  • Writing Style -  Is the author a good storyteller? Does the narrative flow? Do the dialogues sound natural?
  • Characterization - Are the characters interesting and multi-faceted? 
  • Plot - Is the plot original, engaging, and convincing? 
  • Technical Writing - Grammar. Command of English. Sentence structuring.
The Elimination Round will end on or before May 15, and all entries who qualify will move on to the Final Round, and the authors will be asked to submit the full manuscript. 

One winner will be announced on June 15, 2018.

If you haven't yet, prepare your unpublished manuscripts and join now!
Deadline of submissions - April 15, 2018