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To Cross a Blade and Dagger by Chio Zoe - New Release!

A 2018 Breakthrough Novel Awards Finalist, TO CROSS A BLADE AND DAGGER is now available on Amazon and other online book retailers.

The 2018 Breakthrough Fiction Awards is Closed for New Entries. What's Next?

Thanks to everyone who joined the 2018 Breakthrough Fiction Award for published books.
This contest is now closed for submissions.


The judges will download the free preview of the submitted titles from Amazon.
Did the first chapters compel us to continue reading? If yes, it will be included in the shortlisted titles.

The shortlisted titles will be segregated into categories and assigned to judges, who will then purchase the book from Amazon.

The 2018 Breakthrough Fiction Awards is Now Open for Submissions

There are many great writers and good books out there that are not getting the exposure they need. With the number of books on Amazon, it is a herculean task to keep a book on top of the heap for readers to find them.

Exposure. Recognition. Support.
That's what we're offering.

The 2018 Breakthrough Fiction Awards is now open for submissions!

2018 Breakthrough Novel Awards Winner, Life Happens on the Stairs: Hot New Release in Teen & Young Adult Self Esteem Fiction eBooks

As part of its prize for winning the recently concluded 2018 Breakthrough Novel Awards for Unpublished Books, Amy J. Markstahler's Life Happens on the Stairs was turned over to Eeva Lancaster of The Book Khaleesi for Editing, Cover Design, Formatting and Book Management.

Amy bought out her contract from independent publisher, Black Rose Writing, in order to self-publish her debut novel and allow Eeva Lancaster to manage the book until December of 2018. It has not been easy for this author, but she is not alone in this experience.

But determined authors and good books will prevail. Life Happens on the Stairs, on the first day it was made available for pre-order, joined the Teen & Young Adult Self Esteem Fiction eBook category as the #1 New Release, where The Hunger Games is a #1 Bestseller. 

Any title that launches a pre-order as a hot new release will have a chance at being a bestseller. Why? Amazon will promote it in its newsletters and the exposure is gold.